Real medical breakthroughs occur when people-centred design and scientific rigour collide.

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What is HELIX?

HELIX is short for Healthcare Innovation Exchange. It’s an exploration into how design can transform health when it’s placed on the front line of the medical world – an acute general hospital in Europe’s busiest city.

Who is it for?

The staff and patients of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust hospitals, the wider communities of the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, plus the rest of the down-to-earth pioneers in the NHS that make it the extraordinary organisation it is. Why not collaborate with us?

Why does HELIX exist?

We’re here to push boundaries and hopefully solve everyday healthcare problems that are often overlooked. We’ve been set up to save time, money and ultimately, lives.

How will HELIX actually work?

We’re a team of designers, sharing a work space in a hospital with clinical practitioners and researchers.Together, we can respond quickly  to complex healthcare issues, turning ideas into prototype products, processes and services.

So, is HELIX an Elixir for mankind?

Not quite, but we’re faced with major global health challenges that need radical ideas. Design has some of the answers. Let’s explore them together.            

Who’s behind it?

HELIX is co-founded by Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. Our philosophy is simple: real medical breakthroughs occur when people-centred design and scientific rigour collide.  

Where exactly is HELIX based?

St Mary’s Hospital in London, where Fleming discovered penicillin, Spilsbury invented forensic medicine and a young neurologist called Roger Bannister went on to break the 4-minute mile. It’s also the home of many recent innovations in surgical practice.

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